If anesthesia is given then avoid eating anything sticky or hard during the first 24 hours.

After Teeth Cleaning (Scaling & Polishing)

  • Avoid Hot, Cold & Spicy foods for few hours.
  • In case of Sensitivity (usually Temporary) Use a desensitizing Toothpaste for few days.
  • Use a Mouth Wash, if recommended.

After Teeth Filling

Care after Fillings:


After a filling has been done, do not disturb the area for the first two hours after the filling. chewing & drinking should be

done with utmost care.

    • Do not disturb or explore the filling with your tongue, finger or any other objects.
    • If a filling comes off, get it re-filled immediately.
    • Take proper medicines as prescribed by the doctor.
Care after Composite Fillings:
    • Do not bite forcefully or chew hard food.
    • Using colored drinks, pan chewing, and smoking causes discoloration of the filling.
    • Avoid Extreme Temperature (Hot or Cold) for few hours after the filling.



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