implant-webCaring Dental Implants

  • After dental implants are in place, it takes a period of time for them to anchor into the jawbone. The healing process takes time, and it is not uncommon to experience tenderness or swelling for a few days.
  • Take proper medication as recommended by your Doctor.
  • Take only soft, cold food.


Strictly follow these oral hygiene techniques...           


Brush twice a day.

Remember to Brush at night before going to bed.

Brush after eating foods such as milk, cheese and fish.

The breakdown of protein in the mouth causes bad breath.

Inter-dental brushes can be used to clean tight and
hard-to-reach areas around implants.


Teeth floss-ps dental

Use unwaxed dental floss for flossing the tissue
surrounding the implant.

Use a Mouth Wash as recommended by your Dentist.


Rubber-tip stimulator can be used to massage the gums
around the implant.

Calculus deposit cause Bad breath &  Gum disease.
Calculus should be removed by professional teeth cleaning

Scaling teeth cleaning ps dental

 Lack of oral hygiene often results in implant failure..

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