An overwhelming number do not recognize the importance of dental care during pregnancy and therefore do not seek it. And some dentists avoipreganancy-dentald treating pregnant women because of misconceptions regarding safety. On the other hand, thanks to an evolving body of evidence that dental care is not only safe during pregnancy but can also prevent long-term health problems for both the mother and child, many dentists and health organizations are actively promoting the importance of oral health care during pregnancy.

Dental care During Pregnancy dental-checkup


Frequent dental check-up at least once in 2 months-to avoid infections which can affect the foetus. 

brushingtim-loughran-dentistry-flossBrush twice daily and floss before going to bed.

Professional teeth cleaning(scaling)

For removal of calculus deposits!




Be extremely cautious on usage of drugs during pregnancy.


Avoid tetracycline as they cause discoloration of your child’s temporary & permanent teeth.


Premature Delivery
Excessive bacteria form oral infections can enter blood stream and may cause premature delivery! 


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