Dental Tourism means travelling overseas for affordable dental care, dental treatment, dental surgery or dental procedures, which are generally costly in one’s own country. Tourists seek dental care in a foreign country, while on leisure tour of that country. India has become a favoured destination for tourists, not just for its esthetic topography and mystical arts & culture but also for Dental / Medical Tourism.

Some countries health insurance plans do not include dental coverage. Other people may not have any insurance and may not be able to afford dental care.

People from all over the world especially the U.K. and U.S.A prefer India, to complete their dental treatment. Chennai , is their preference for its low cost. (when compared to other metros )combined with latest technology. A HOLIDAY COMBINED WITH DENTAL TREATMENT would work out very less when compared to the treatment cost alone in their own country .


Why PS Dental CENTRE?

PS Dental Centre provides a perfect blend of advanced treatments, Sterilisation on par with international standards, latest technology , personalised care and ethical dental practices. The doctors associated with PS DENTAL are highly qualified, super specialized and have affiliations with international associations and organizations

PS DENTAL CENTRE is a chain of dental clinics, committed to deliver world-class dentistry at incredibly affordable prices to one and all.

Our team of dedicated doctors provide exceptional service to our patients right from the moment they enter the clinic till their treatments are done with. We strive to meet their experience as comfortable and homely as possible.

Facilities Of PS Dental

•        Specialists for every speciality.

•        Zero-microbe sterilization technology.

•        Latest equipment.

•        Panoramic digital X-Ray technology (OPG).

•        Lounge waiting area.

Besides all the basic treatments, we also have specialised services like

•        Laser Dentistry.

•        Esthetic smile Designing & Tooth Whitening.

•        Invisible Orthodontics.

•        Implants

•        Advanced Gum care

•        Child Dentistry and Preventive Care

•        Senior Citizen Care

•        Dental care for patients who are medically compromised (with medical conditions).

  Approximate Cost Comparison


Procedure India
US Thailand Romania Singapore
Single Implant $525 to $1012  $2990 to $5000  $1700  $950 $1700
Veeners  $230  At least $800 to $1200  $240  $240 $240
Root Canals  $75  $699 to $1300  $90 to $200  $90 to $200  $90 to $200
Crowns  $75-250  $750 to $1000  $210 to $390  $240 to $600  $210 to $390
Bonding $25 to $30 $150 to $300 $80 $75  $80
Wisdom Tooth Removal  $90  $250 to $500  $144  $120  



1) Patients can contact us by email<email id>regarding their problems.

2) Submission of previous dental records (if needed, will be provided by the patients.)

3) If needed video conferencing can be done for better clarification (case history).

4) Cost Estimation and duration of treatment will be made known to them.

5) Patient can fix a travel agent and plan their visit to and fro. Patient can be accommodated with his family or friend and also can plan a local outing here.

6) The treatment happens as discussed and the patient will be well informed about the process and in case of any scope increase or decrease both on treatment and expense.

7) Once treatment is over patient leaves with their “Precious Smiles” home back after a clear after treatment medication, dental care and feedback sessions.

o        Ps dental centre will ensure :

o        Proper treatment planning by our team

 Approximate charges/quote for the dental treatment

The following Can be arranged on demand: (charges as applicable by the service provider)

Air tickets can be booked with the airline of your choice.

Commute or drop &pickup services

Local sightseeing and market visit.

Accomodation based on your choice.


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