ps dental picP S Dental Centre is dedicated to late Dr. E. PRASAD REDDY, the pioneer and the first successful person to put forth the CORPORATE DENTAL concept in Tamilnadu. His concept revolutionized the way dentistry is practiced in India, won the hearts and brought smiles to thousands of satisfied patients. His vision was not only to provide service to people suffering from dental pain and panic but also to quickly spread his unique dental care concepts to all the metros and to the rural areas unbiased – in short take dental care awareness all over India. His passion was to provide personalized patient care through ethical dental practices.


After Dr. PRASAD REDDY, his dream relay continues, with MR. G. SASIDHAR REDDY, the founder and CMD, the backbone of this venture. The same team who were with Dr Prasad, the torch bearers now teamed up with MR G Sasidhar Reddy, to fulfil his vision. The clinic is named after our beloved Dr. Prasad Reddy and Mr. Sasidhar Reddy as P. S Dental Centre to deliver Permanent Solution and Personalized Service to patients to reinstate their “Precious Smiles”. Our speciality is our team of motivated, dedicated and attentive doctors.P S Dental Centre ensures that it carries forward the aim and vision of Dr. Prasad Reddy. Every branch will be mirroring the visionary’s goal. We go all-out to serve, safeguard healthy and happy lifestyle and transpire in to one stop dental solution.

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