opg The OPG machine is the latest in digital imaging in dentistry. The system allows high image resolution with confident diagnoses and ultimately to the quality of patient care. Also dental and occlusal x-rays are done in the centre. OPG and Cephalograms are digital and always give clear and sharp visualization of structures. xrays may also be taken as part of a routine dental screening to finalize a diagnosis. The findings from the X-rays and screening will be used to tailor a specific treatment/management plan for you.

Advantages of Digital X-rays  

The modern digital X-ray carries several benefits to patients.  we go the extra mile to invest in technology that means more to our patients and their treatment processes. Some of these benefits are


        •  Cleaner!
        •  Faster!
        •  Precise and Clear diagnosis every time!
        •  Better practice management
        •  Lower radiation doses to patients and clinicians alike, hence enhanced safety!
        •  No harmful chemicals. No mess. Environment friendly!
        • Less waiting time


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